Opening hours
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    A car mechanic replaces a battery.

    Seasonal checks

    At unbeatable complete prices!

    In our workshop you can make your vehicle suitable for the coming season.

    We look at your vehicle closely and check you. Tires, air conditioning, vehicle fluids, brakes, battery and the lighting system.

    Service "around the wheel"!

    Your tires are fully delivered with us!

    - Tire check

    - take care of the tires

    - tire change

    - Wheel storage

    Perfect all-round care

    ... from your car maintenance team

    Are you planning to sell your vehicle or do you want your mobile pedestal to shine in new splendor?

    Whether it concerns the care, processing or treatment of your vehicle, we can certainly help you. And that is uncomplicated and not expensive!

    Glass service - so you have the view!

    Even the slightest peculiarities on your windshield can quickly lead to large cracks.

    Why don't you visit us early and have your glass inspected by our specialist?

    The complete disc does not always have to be replaced!

    And if an exchange is needed, you are exactly right with us!

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